AWESCO Kick-Off Week

Oral Presentation Skills, Internal Research Review, and Project Management & Strategic Skills

Monday, February 29, 2016, 9:00 - Friday, March 04, 2016, 18:00

Room 02-016/18, Georges-Koehler-Allee 101, Freiburg 79110, Germany


We are very excited to host the AWESCO kick-off week, which includes: (some links require log-in)

1. An Oral Presentation Skills course, given by Gregg Dubow (ALUFR)

2. The first of the Internal Research Reviews

3. A Project Management & Strategic Skills course, given by Ni Yan (TUD) and Roland Schmehl (TUD).


The welcome sheet, with a schedule of the IRR talks can be found here: AWESCO_welcome_with_schedule.pdf

As this kick-off week should correspond to 3ECTS, please allot your preparation time accordingly.





To Attend

Please fill out the form so that we can prepare a better week - by Friday January 29th.

If you fill out the form to attend, but are later unable to come, please contact Rachel (


Schedule of the two AWESCO Kick-Off days with Fellow Presentations


09:10 Introduction (Moritz Diehl)

09:25 AWESCO (Roland Schmehl)

09:45 WP1 on "Modelling and Simulation" (Roland Schmehl)

09:55 “FSI simulations on kites” by Mikko Folkersma (TUD)

10:20 “Durable Structural Reinforcements of Large Scale Fabric Kites” by Paul Thedens (Skysails)

10:45 Break

11:00 “TBA” by Thomas Haas (KUL)

11:25 WP2 on "System Design and Optimisation" (Moritz Diehl)

11:35 “Optimal Control of Dual Kites in Pumping­Cycle Operation” by Rachel Leuthold (ALUFR)

12:00 “Ground Station Design and Optimization for Airborne Wind Energy” by Mahdi Salari (UL) (pptx format)

12:25 Lunch

13:40 “Multi­disciplinary System Design, Safety and Cost Optimisation of AWE” by Ashwin Candade (Enerkite)

14:05 “Grid Integration of Airborne Wind Energy Systems” by Elena Malz (CHAL)

14:30 Break

15:00 AWESCO Steering Board Meeting

16:00 SYSCOP Lab Tour (start at Chair Systemtheorie, in Georges Koehler Allee 102, 1st floor, Anbau)

19:30 Dinner in Kartoffelhaus, Basler Strasse 10


09:00 WP3 on "Sensors and Estimation" (Jeroen Hol)

09:10 “An efficient inexact NMPC scheme with stability guarantees” by Andrea Zanelli (ALUFR)

09:35 “Moving Horizon Estimation for 3D Motion Tracking” by Fabian Girrbach (Xsens)

10:00 “Estimation and Control of Periodic Orbits” by Peter Listov (EPFL)

10:25 Break

11:00 WP4 on "Control Systems" (Christoph Hackl)

11:10 “Low­ level fault ­tolerant control of the AWE electric drive system” by Hisham Eldeeb (TUM)

11:35 “Modeling Dynamics of the Ampyx AWE System for Launch and Land Optimization” by Jonas Koenemann (Ampyx)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 “Robust Automatic Operation of Inflatable Tethered Wings for Power Generation” by Sebastian Rapp (TUD)

13:55 “Current research at ETHZ on control design for tethered wings for AWE” by Eva Ahbe (ETHZ)

14:20 Wrap-Up

14:45 Break

15:00 Start of Project Management Skills Course (resp. 15:15 Talk by Jeroen Hol)


Content Notes

Oral Presentation Skills Course

Notably, the presentation skills course on Tuesday March 1st will ask each course participant to give a short presentation. Depending on the number of participants and the time-constraints, this presentation should be 10 minutes (maximum) or less. It is up to the participant what presentation to give, but participants are strongly encouraged to use the opportunity to gain feedback on their Internal Research Review (IRR) talk. If the IRR talk is planned to be more than 10 minutes, the participant may wish to give a shorter - plenary-version - of their IRR talk.

Please notice that there is homework for the Oral Presentation Skills Course.


Internal Research Reviews

This first IRR presentation should help to orient the AWESCO group as to the research topics of the ESR's. Each presentation has a 30 minute slot. This slot should be divided between a descriptive talk (10 - 15 minutes), and a discussion among the AWESCO group (15-20 minutes).

Topics that are suggested to be included are:

  • A short introduction of the AWESCO-partner institution at which the research takes place;
  • A motivating statement that describes the broad field of the research within the AWE field;
  • A specific statement of the research problem or question;
  • A projected research plan towards a solution to this problem;
  • Any literature review or results already achieved.



Project Management & Strategic Skills

Please notice that there is homework for the Project Management Skills Course.


Location Information

Please find here a map which may be useful for orientation purposes, and includes links to some suggested accommodation sites: mapsAWESCO_0.pdf

The S-Bahn schedule can be found here: BSB_Fahrplan 2016.pdf


Further Information

We hope you had a lovely week with us in Freiburg.
For questions, please contact Rachel (



Photos courtesy of Ni Yan (TUD)