Members of the lab develop open source software packages in the field of optimization and control. Some of the packages attracted already a larger developer community and some are maintained by previous members of the team. For each package, information and links with installation instructions can be found below, first for software packages that are actively developed or supported, and second for past software developments.

Current Software

Fast and embedded solvers for nonlinear optimal control.
SQP optimal-control Model Predictive Control

High-performance interior-point-method QP solvers
HPC QP interior-point-method

Economic tuning of (nonlinear) model predictive control problems.
Model Predictive Control

Modeling and optimal control of single- and multi-drone airborne wind energy systems
optimal control airborne wind energy

nosnoc (NOnSmooth Numerical Optimal Control) is a tool for numerically solving optimal control problems with nonsmooth dynamical systems with switches and/or state jumps.
optimal-control trajectory-optimization

A symbolic package for automatic differentiation and optimal control
Algorithmic Differentiation Nonlinear Optimal Control

BLASFEO (as BLAS For Embedded Optimization) provides a set of basic linear algebra routines, performance-optimized for matrices of moderate size (up to a couple hundreds elements in each dimension), as typically encountered in embedded optimization.
linear algebra HPC

A Solver for Quadratic Programs with Linear Complementarity Constraints

Past Software Developments (possibly not maintained anymore)

An Online Active Set Strategy for parametric quadratic programming
Quadratic Programming

Casadi Interface for Optimum experimental design and Parameter Estimation and Identification Applications
parameter estimation experimental design

Toolkit for Automatic Control and Dynamic Optimization
Nonlinear Optimal Control Model Predictive Control Code Generation

Templates for Model Predictive Control
optimal-control SQP

A toolbox for modeling optimal control problems.
modeling optimal-control trajectory-optimization

Optidef - a Latex library for optimization problems
Latex Package