Systems and Control 2

Question hour: Monday 7.3.2016 in room 01-012 in building 102 from 14:00 to 15:00.


Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl (moritz.diehl (at) and Dr. Jörg Fischer (joerg.fischer (at)

Systems and Control 2 (SC2) is based on the Bachelor's course Systems and Control 1 (SC1, Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik 1) and discusses advanced methods to describe, analyze, and control dynamic systems.


The course consists of three parts:

In the first part, different control structures and design methods for linear SISO systems are discussed which go beyond the standard control loop presented in the course SC1. Concepts for feedforward control and disturbance attenuation are presented and the basic structure of a cascaded controller is discussed . In addtion, model-based control methods such as the internal model controller, controller design by model matching, and the Smith predictor are treated and basics of robust controller design are discussed.

The second part of this course discusses discrete systems and digital control. In particular, the structure of a digital control systems using analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters is introduced. Furthermore, methods to characterize discrete-time systems are treated such as difference equations, z-transformation, and z-transfer function. For controller controller design, direct design approaches and approaches using discrete equivalents of continous-time controllers are introduced and the influence of the sampling frequency on the control performance are discussed.

In the third part of the lecture, linear multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems are treated. The Kalman decomposition is introduced in state space as an important principle to describe the observability and controllability of MIMO systems. Controller design for directly observable systems using pole placement and LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator) are presented. Addressing not directly observable systems, the Luenberger observer and the Kalman filter are introduced for state estimation.

Time and place

  • Lecture: Mondays 16:15-18:00 in SR 00-014, Building 078
  • Exercises: Thursdays 15:00 - 16:00 in SR 00-14, Building 078

Teaching assistant

Jochem De Schutter ( (at) uranus.uni-freiburg .de)



The exercise sheets treated in the exercises on Thursday will be published here.

Exercises 1.pdf
Exercises 2.pdf (Exercises_2_solution3.pdf)
Exercises_5.pdf​ (Excercise_5_matlabSolutions.m)
Exercises_6.pdf (we will also discuss exercise 5.3 on the Smith Predictor)


  • Lecture notes "Systems and Control 1 (Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik 1)"
    (only in german, available on course webpage)

  • G. F. Franklin, J. D. Powell, A. Emami-Naeini (2015). Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems. Pearson

  • J. Lunze (2014), Regelungstechnik 1 + 2, Springer (only in german, available online)

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