Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik 1

The aim of the lecture is to teach the basics of systems theory and control engineering. We learn how to electrical, mechanical, optical, chemical or thermal processes described in the form of dynamic systems uniformly, analyze the characteristics of these systems, and learn methods for their targeted modulation by sensor-actuator systems (controllers) know.


We'll start with the modeling of dynamic systems, consider the analytic solution of linear time-invariant differential equations introduce the impulse and step response, analyze the step response of some commonly occurring systems, introduce the Laplace transform, learn different methods for the preparation of linear transfer functions to know, discuss stability of the closed loop and learn basic methods for the design of linear controller for single-input single-output (SISO) systems. The course consists of three hours per week lecture and a SWS exercises.



Lecture Schedule

The lecture will be held at the Technical Faculty of the University of Freiburg in Building 101, HS 00-026 from 22.4.-24.7.15.

  • Wednesdays, 08: 15-10: 00
  • Friday, 08: 15-10: 00



The lecture is closely aligned with one created in the previous script:


Final exam

The final score is calculated at 100% of the final exam. The final exam is "closed-book", so there are no auxiliary utensils except pencils and blank paper allowed. It may, however, exactly one sheet of A4 paper be taken with two pages handwritten described as a formulary. The questions are partly multiple choice, as in the micro exams, some issues with text responses, as in the exercise sheets.



Admission to the final exam will be obtained when the following criteria are met

  • Existence of Exercise:   Each exercise sheet is assessed by the acquired points in percent. In the nine best of eleven Übungsblätter an average of at least 50% of the points must be achieved.
    Example: A student has acquired 2 times 90% and 9 times 40% of the points, thus the average of the best nine 51.1%. The exercise is passed by.
  • Existence of micro exams:  The micro exams are evaluated by the acquired points in percent. In the three best of four micro exams at least 50% of the points must be achieved on average.

Lecture recordings

The Systems and Control lecture was recorded in SS2013:

No Date part 1 Part 2
1 07/06/2013 Vorlesung1_1 Vorlesung1_2
2 14/06/2013 Vorlesung2_1 Vorlesung2_2
3 21/06/2013 Vorlesung3_1 Vorlesung3_2
4 06/28/2013 Vorlesung4_1 Vorlesung4_2
5 05/07/2013 Vorlesung5_1 Vorlesung5_2
6 29/07/2013 Vorlesung6_1 Vorlesung6_2
7 30.07.2013 Vorlesung7_1 Vorlesung7_2
8th 31/07/2013 Vorlesung8_1 Vorlesung8_2
9 01/08/2013 Vorlesung9_1 Vorlesung9_2
10 02/08/2013 Vorlesung10  



Exam preparation

Old exams for preparing the current exam are available here