Energy Systems: Hardware and Control


"Energy Systems: Hardware and Control" is a module of the M.Sc. course "Renewable Energy Engineering and Management", elective track "Energy Systems Technology".



This module consists of two parts:

  A) Hardware of high-power electronics. This part is lectured by PD Dr. Rüdiger Quay from Fraunhofer IAF and Prof. Dr. Bruno Burger from Fraunhofer ISE.

  B) Systems Theory and Feedback Control. This part is lectured by Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl (moritz.diehl (at) and Dr. Gianluca Frison (gianluca.frison (at) from University of Freiburg, Systems Control and Optimization Laboratory.


In Part A of this module building hardware aspects of power electronics will be introduced. The course starts with the fundamentals and concepts of power devices and circuits. It comprises three aspects: fundamental power conversion-concepts with focus on DC-DC and –AC conversion, more complex power circuitry, and actual power conversion systems. At the interface of modern electronics, circuit design, and control theory, advanced analysis and characterisation techniques are introduced in order to bridge the gap from modern power conversion to the understanding of systems and network systems with all aspects of power conversion. Students will carry out study examples using the simulation software QUCS.

In Part B of this module, students are introduced to the design and analysis of feedback control systems. We start with regarding general ordinary differential equations (ODE) and then focus on linear time invariant systems in continuous time. Conditions for stability are discussed, and performance measures for feedback control systems defined. We then discuss state space control design in more detail, covering topics such as Luenberger Observer, Kalman Filter, the Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) in both continuous and discrete time, and an introduction to Model Predictive Control (MPC).


Time and place

This three week block module takes place from Monday, Nov. 6, to Friday, Nov. 24., 2017.

  • Lectures and Exercises/Tutorial: 9:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00
  • Exam: Nov. 24, 2017


Lectures & Exercises: Technical faculty, Building 102 Room 03 011/016

Exam: Technical faculty, Building 051 Room SR 00 031




Mon 6.11.17 09:00-12:00 RQ: Introduction, basics
Mon 6.11.17 14:00-17:00 BB: Introduction, linear converters
Tue 7.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Introduction, dynamic systems in state space
Tue 7.11.17 14:00-17:00 BB: Buck converter
Wed 8.11.17 09:00-12:00 RQ: Semiconductors and devices
Thu 9.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Canonical forms, stability
Fri 10.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Controllability, state feedback control
Fri 10.11.17 14:00-17:00 RQ: Diodes
Mon 13.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Prefilter, Linear quadratic regulator
Mon 13.11.17 14:00-17:00 RQ: MOSFETs
Tue 14.11.17 09:00-12:00 BB: Buck converter
Tue 14.11.17 14:00-17:00 BB: Boost converter
Wed 15.11.17 09:00-12:00 RQ: MOSFETs II
Thu 16.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Observability
Fri 17.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: State estimation and Kalman filter
Fri 17.11.17 14:00-17:00 RQ: High-power: IGBTs
Mon 20.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Discrete time systems (Building 103, room 02-014)
Mon 20.11.17 14:00-17:00 RQ: Reliability
Tue 21.11.17 09:00-12:00 BB: Single phase sinewave inverter
Tue 21.11.17 14:00-17:00 BB: Three phase sinewave inverter
Wed 22.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: Recap exercise, Q&A session (control part) (Building 103, room 01-014)
Thu 23.11.17 09:00-12:00 MD/GF: ??? (Building 102, room 01-012)
Fri 24.11.17 14:00-17:00 Exam


Shortcut Lecturers

  Rüdiger Quay   RQ
  Bruno Burger   BB
  Moritz Diehl/Gianluca Frison   MD/GF


Teaching assistant

Benjamin Stickan (control part)

Teaching material