Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting of the ERC Project HIGHWIND

Friday, June 12, 2015, 8:00 - 18:00

Room 02-016/18, Georges-Koehler-Allee 101, Freiburg 79110, Germany

Attending SAB Members:

Stephan Brabeck (SkySails) and Damon Vander Lind (Makani / Google [x])



8:00 Moritz Diehl: Welcome and Introduction
8:15 Thorbjoern Joerger: Highwind Hardware
8:45 Elias Rosch and Julian Reimer: Communication and Visualization
8:55 Maximilian Ernestus and Fabian Girrbach: Flight Software
9:05 Joanna Greulich and Ben Schleusener: Flight Hardware
9:15 Joerg Fischer: Flight control architecture of the half-wing setup
9:35 Johanna Becker and Stephan Christian: Flight Simulations of the half-wing setup

9:45 Break

10:15 Jesus Lago Garcia, with Adrian Bürger, Florian Messerer and Michael Erhard: State and parameter estimation of the kite system of Skysails
10:30 Jonas Koenemann: NMPC of the carousel-setup with flying ball
11:00 Ernesto Denicia: Control implementations on the HIGHWIND carousel
11:30 Mario Zanon: Control of Dual-Airfoil AWE Systems Based on NMPC and MHE
12:00 End

12:15 Public Talk Damon Vander Lind (HS 026): “Developing a 600 kW Airborne Wind Turbine
13:00 Lunch in “Solar Info Center”
14:30 Experimental demonstration in Hangar 074

15:30 Closed Door Meeting of the SAB with Young Researchers
16:00 Closed Door Meeting of the SAB / Short Break
16:15 Feedback by the SAB
17:00 Good-Bye-Reception for all attendants
18:00 End