IMTEK-TEMPO Workshop on Embedded Quadratic Programming (EQP2014)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 9:00 - 17:00

Room 02-016/18, Georges-Koehler-Allee 101, Freiburg 79110, Germany

Recent algorithmic progress made it possible that quadratic programming solvers can run on embedded platforms with kHz and MHz sampling rates. Aim of this small technical workshop is to bring together algorithm developers to discuss recent algorithmic progress, in a highly interactive format. Topics of interest are, among other, code generation software for active set and interior point QP methods and sparsity exploitation for optimal control problems, condensing, band structured linear algebra, dual decomposition, and iterative methods. A special focus is on open-source software for code generation of embedded QP solvers and their application to real-world problems in control and estimation. The workshop participation including coffee breaks is free of charge, but please register before March 12, 2014, on the following doodle, that also includes one slot for a joint lunch at own cost (in a restaurant, below 15 Euro):

If you want to contribute a short talk, please send a title and short abstract to Milan Vukov before March 12, 2014.
The workshop is organized by Moritz Diehl, Milan Vukov, and Christine Paasch.
Support by the Initial Training Network TEMPO (EU-FP7 Grant No 607957) is gratefully acknowledged.

Book of abstracts



09:00 Introduction (Moritz Diehl
09:10 qpOASES – Past, Present, and Future (Hans Joachim Ferreau)
09:40 Discussion
09:45 A Condensing and Factorization Algorithm with Quadratic Complexity (Gianluca Frison)
10:10 Discussion
10:15 The QP Solvers in ACADO Code Generation Tool (Milan Vukov)
10:40 Discussion
10:45 Break
11:15 An MPC Benchmark Collection (Dimitris Kouzoupis)
11:25 Discussion
11:30 Embedded MPC on a PLC Using a First-Order Method (Giorgio Kufoalor)
11:50 Discussion
11:55 Fast FPGA Prototyping for MPC Demo (Andrea Suardi)
12:15 Discussion
12:20 Status and Plans of EMBOTECH (Juan Jerez)
12:30 Discussion
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Demo of Nao-Balancing Robot and Visit HIGHWIND Carousel (Building 074)
14:45 A sparse variant of qpOASES based on a symmetric indefinite factorization and Schur complement updates (Christian Kirches)
15:05 Discussion
15:10 A Parallel Quadratic Programming Method for Dynamic Optimization Problems (Janick Frasch)
15:35 Discussion
15:40 Break
16:10 Huge Quadratic Programming (Ruediger Franke)
16:35 Discussion
16:40 Wrap up panel discussion
17:00 The end