Academic Supervision

This page contains a list of PhD students and Postdocs supervised by Moritz Diehl. 


PhD supervisor (1st referee or main promotor) of:

  • Armin Nurkanovic

  • Jochem De Schutter

  • Jonas Schlagenhauf

  • Fabian Girrbach

  • Andrea Zanelli

  • Rachel Leuthold 

  • Adrian Bürger (with Angelika Altmann-Dieses)

  • Benjamin Stickan 

  • Mikhail Katliar (with Heinrich Bulthoff)

  • Dimitris Kouzoupis 

  • Dr. Robin Verschueren (Convex approximation methods for nonlinear model predictive control, 2014-2018)

  • Dr. Giovanni Licitra (Identification and optimization of an airborne wind energy system, 2014-2018)

  • Dr. Rien Quirynen (Integrators for Embedded Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, with Stefan Vandewalle, 2012-2017)

  • Dr. Dominic Wystrcil (optimal control of thermal systems in buildings, with Hans-Martin Henning, 2016)

  • Dr. Mario Zanon (Model Predictive Control of Tethered Planes, with Alberto Bemporad and Sebastien Gros, 2011-2015)

  • Dr. Milan Vukov (Microsecond Nonlinear MPC on Embedded Hardware, with Hans Joachim Ferreau, 2010-2015)

  • Dr. Joris Gillis (Periodic Stability Optimization, with Jan Swevers and Eric Vanden Bulck, 2010-2015)

  • Dr. Janick Frasch (multilevel MPC and qpDUNES, with Sebastian Sager and Hans Georg Bock, 2009-2014)

  • Dr. Attila Kozma (Distributed Optimization, 2009-2014)

  • Dr. Joel Andersson (Modelling Languages and Derivatives for Optimal Control, 2008-2013)

  • Dr. Quoc Tran Dinh (Sequential Convex Programming, 2008-2012)

  • Dr. Hans Joachim Ferreau (Fast Model Predictive Control Algorithms, with Joos Vandewalle, 2007-2011)

  • Dr. Boris Houska (Stability and Robustness Optimization for Periodic Systems, 2007-2011)


PhD Supervisor and Co-Promotor of: 

  • Jennifer Puschke (with Alexander Mitsos)

  • Enrique Guerrero (with Hans Georg Bock and Christian Kirches)

  • Le Hong Trang (Optimal Control in Computational Geometry, with Phan Than An, since 2011)

  • Frederik Debrouwere (Optimal Path Tracking for Robots, with Jan Swevers, since 2011)

  • Ioanna Stamati (Optimal Experimental Design Applications, with Jan Van Impe, since 2009)

  • Dirk Abbeloos (Periodic PDE Optimization, with Stefan Vandewalle and Michael Hinze, since 2009)

  • Dr. Dries Telen (Optimal Experimental Design Algorithms, with Jan Van Impe, 2010-2014)

  • Dr. Mattia Vallerio (Multiobjective Nonlinear MPC, with Filip Logist and Jan Van Impe, 2010-2015)

  • Dr. Marnix Volckaert (Nonlinear Iterative Learning Control, with Jan Swevers, 2008-2012)

  • Dr. Tom Kraus (Combine Harvester Control, with Josse De Baerdemaeker, 2008-)

  • Dr. Kurt Geebelen (Control of Tethered Airplanes, with Jan Swevers, 2010-2015)

  • Dr. Niels Haverbeke (Moving Horizon State Estimation, with Bart De Moor, 2006-2011)

  • Dr. Lieboud Van den Broeck (Mechatronic MPC, with Jan Swevers, 2007-2011)

  • Dr. Julian Bonilla (Estimation and Optimal Control of Chemical Processes, with Bart De Moor and Jan Van Impe, 2007-2011)

  • Dr. Bart Saerens (Automotive Model Predictive Control, with Erik Van den Bulck, 2007-2012)


Postdoc Promotor of:

  • Dr. Jörg Fischer (Advanced Control Applications, 2015-2016)

  • Dr. Vyacheslav Kungurtsev (Sequential Quadratic Programming Algorithms, 2013-2014)

  • Dr. Andrew Wagner (Airborne Wind Energy: Sensors, Vision and Hardware, 2012-2014)

  • Dr. Sebastien Gros (Airborne Wind Energy: Modelling, Optimization and Control, 2011-2013)

  • Dr. Hammad Ahmad (Airborne Wind Energy: Communications and Hardware, 2011-2012)

  • Dr. Julia Sternberg (Stability Optimization, 2011-2012)

  • Dr. Carlo Savorgnan (State Space Approaches to Optimal Control and Distributed Optimization, 2008-2011)


Master Thesis Supervision (as main supervisor, if not otherwise stated):

  • Tobias Schöls (2018)

  • Thilo Bronnenmeyer (2018, as advisor)

  • Michael Zehnle (2018)

  • Christian Budak (2018)

  • Liyuan Hsu 2018 (with Otmar Hilliges)

  • Alexander Kozhinov

  • Ludwig Striet (with Wolfram Burgard)

  • Deep Ganatra


Bachelor Thesis Supervision (as main supervisor, if not otherwise stated):

  • Joanna Greulich (2016)