Numerical NMPC for systems with state dependent jumps and discrete actuators

(Plenary Talk at IFAC NMPC 2021 Conference)

Moritz Diehl

University of Freiburg

Tuesday, July 13, 2021, 15:30 - 16:30

Virtual via Conference Webpage

This talk presents recently developed methods for non-standard NMPC problems which cannot directly be formulated and solved in the form of smooth nonlinear programs (NLP). Three related problem classes and tailored solution methods will be treated:

1) NMPC with state dependent discontinuities, and homotopy based active set solution methods tailored to mathematical programs with complementarity constraints (MPCC).

2) NMPC with state dependent jumps, and their reformulation to case 1) via "time freezing”.

3) NMPC with discrete actuators, and a Gauss-Newton inspired heuristic.

Throughout the talk, the focus will be on the exploitation of convex structure in these strongly non-convex problems  The algorithms and methods will be illustrated by tutorial and some real-world examples. 

The talk presents joint work with Armin Nurkanovic, Sebastian Albrecht, Jonas Hall, Florian Messerer, Gianluca Frison, Benjamin Stickan, Sebastian Sager, Clemens Zeile, Angelika Altmann-Dieses and Adrian Bürger.

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