Race Car Control Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl, Prof. Dr. Stefan Rupitsch, Tobias Bodewig

The day of the weekly meetings changed from Tuesday to Monday!

Course description

The focus of this lab is to give the participants hands-on experience in applying advanced control and estimation algorithms on model race cars. 

This lab is completely project-based. Each student will define a project they would like to work on. The project can be slightly changed during the semester. The final assessment will be based on the final presentation and project report. 

There will be weekly meetings at the race car setup. During these meetings tests can be run on the race cars and it is possible to discuss questions that come up. These meetings are mandatory for all participants.

Recommended prerequisites

Prior studies of “Modelling and System Identification” and/or “Optimal Control and Estimation” are recommended.


  • Registration deadline: 04.04.2023
  • Participants will be announced on 14.04.2023 
  • First session: Tuesday 18.04.2023 from 14:00 to 16:00 room: SR 00-006, Building 51.
    • Introduction to race car setup
    • Preliminary discussion about projects and timeline of the course.
  • Second session: Monday 24.04.2023 from 14:00 to 16:00 room: SR 00-006, Building 51.
    • We decide together with the participants who works on which project.
  • The following session will take place weekly on Mondays from 14:00 to 16:00 at the Race Car Control Lab (Room 00-039, Building 51). 
  • Presentation: around end of June, exact date will be announced in first session.
    • Everyone will present the results of their project.
  • Report and documentation submission: 2 weeks after presentation


  • Paper describing the current setup.
  • Source code of version 1.0 (not current version).

Presentation and Report

You will have 10 minutes for the presentation of your project, followed by around 10 minutes of questions. Depending on the project there may be the opportunity for a live demonstration.

2 weeks after the presentation you have to submit a project report. Your report should include a clear definition of the problem you worked on, your approach, and the results. You should incorporate the feedback from the presentations into your report.


Contact person: Tobias Bodewig