Flight Control Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl, Tommaso Sartor, Jochem De Schutter

The focus of this lab is to give the participants hands-on experience in applying advanced control and estimation algorithms on aerial vehicles. The system may be simulated, real, or both, depending on the individual project.

Focus of the lab course is making a real flight control system work for small aerial vehicles equipped with a variety of sensing and actuation equipment. These vehicles, airplanes, quadrotors or helicopters, might be remote controlled or autonomous. They might flight freely or be connected to the ground via a tether. The course will be accompanied by weekly meetings with one or more team members working on complementary projects addressing the same real world control problem. In the last two to three weeks of the lab course, when the main project aims are achieved, the participants will start to work on a short report for documentation and give a final oral presentation to share their findings with all team members.

Every participant will be offered an individual project by us. Group work is possible and suggested, the project then should allows for a clear separation of tasks and provides a feasible amount of work for all participants. Also self-chosen projects are generally possible, but need to be discussed in advance.

Participants are expected to work independently and hand in weekly reports. We will offer office hours and meetings as needed.


In order to register to this course please write a mail to us (moritz.diehl@imtek.uni-freiburg.de, tommaso.sartor@imtek.uni-freiburg.de) including:

- Short motivation statements,
- A brief summary of your relevant achievements in the field of engineering, exams, university projects, personal projects.
- If you already have an idea for a project on which you are interested to work on feel free to add that.

The deadline to send the mail to register to this course is Friday 19th of April, 2019.


We recommend a successful participation in one or more of the following courses prior to this lab:

  • Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik 1 / Systems and Control 1,
  • Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik 2 /Systems and Control 2,
  • Modellierung und Systemidentifikation / Modelling and System Identification,
  • Einführung in die Mobile Robotik / Introduction to Mobile Robotics
  • or similar courses

If you attended one of the following classes prior, you may also apply more advanced methods:

  • Numerical Optimal Control
  • Optimal Control and Estimation
  • Numerical Optimization
  • other theoretical classes by SYSCOP


Kick-off meeting: Friday 26th of April, 16:00, Building 102, SR 01-012 kickoff-meeting presentation

Project Proposal Presentation: Friday 17th of May, 14:00, Building 102, SR 01-012

Weekly Report: every Wednesday at 24:00

Mid-term Presentation: June 19th at 16:00, in room SR 02-012 (second floor)

Final Presentation: Monday 29 of July at 15:00 in room SR 02-012, Building 102

Final Report submission deadline: Mid-August, TBD


The grading will be based on all, a written lab report, documentation of all conducted work, and a final public presentation. This course gives 6 ECTS points.


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