Numerical Optimal Control (online)

Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl -

The course’s aim is to give an introduction into numerical methods for the solution of optimal control problems in science and engineering. The focus is on both discrete time and continuous time optimal control in continuous state spaces. It is intended for a mixed audience of students from mathematics, engineering and computer science. This semester, Numerical Optimal Control is offered as an online course. All material can be found on:

Structure of the course

The course relies heavily on self-study based on the lecture videos, course manuscript  and exercise sheets that were created in the Summer Semester 2017. Exercise results will be presented to and discussed with the supervising tutor (Andrea Zanelli) twice during the semester, and a final exam will be taken in the following exam period. This course has 6 ECTS credits.


In order to be able to write the exam, students are required to obtain more than 50% of total the exercise points, i.e. 45 points out of 90. In order to obtain them, the students are asked to provide the solutions to exercise sheets in the following dates in Georges-Koehler-Allee 102, room 01-215:

  1. Thu  May 17,  09:00-12:00: exercises 1 and 2
  2. Wed May 30,  09:00-12:00: exercises 3 and 4
  3. Mon  June 18, 09:00-12:00: exercises 5 and 6
  4. Mon June 25 Tue July 3, 09:00-12:00: exercises 7 and 8
  5. Wed July  11 Thu July 19, 09:00-12:00: exercises 9 and 10

Grading will be based on the discussion of randomly selected questions from the exercises. The students are allowed to form groups of up to two people. Please follow the instruction below in order to organize groups and exercise evaluation sessions:

  • Please fill in your name and email in this sheet and indicate to which group you belong.
  • Please fill in the preferred time slot for the first exercise viewing session here.
  • Please fill in the preferred time slot for the second exercise viewing session here.
  • Please fill in the preferred time slot for the third exercise viewing session here.
  • Please fill in the preferred time slot for the fourth exercise viewing session here.
  • Please fill in the preferred time slot for the fifth exercise viewing session here.


  • 20.04.2018 - A kick-off meeting will take place on Thursday 26-04-2018 at 16:00 in Room 01-012, Georges-Köhler-Allee 102, Freiburg 79110, Germany. The information provided during the meeting will be posted on this web page such that they can be easily accessed.
  • 19.06.2018 - The written exam will be on Thursday 20-09-2018. Date and room will be communicated as soon as they become available.