Freiburg Race Cars

The Setup

IMG_20151023_101212 copy.jpg
The Freiburg Race Cars on 
display at the Science Days
in Europapark

The Freiburg Race Cars serve as a testbed for algorithms in embedded optimization and real-time control. It is historically inspired by the ORCA project at ETH in Zürich and the LMS Racecars at Siemens PLM in Leuven. Recently it was updated to to be aligned with the CRS environment of ETH Zürich, Institute of Dynamical Systems and Control (Paper) .

Small radio-controlled cars autonomously drive on a narrow track. The position is measured by laser beams that get reflected on special reflecting surfaces on top of each car. This highly accurate positioning setup is known as "Lighthouse Tracking System". Several fast control algorithms have been tested, e.g. such as PID, linear MPC and NMPC.

Multiple people are involved with the setup, on the bachelor, master and PhD level. Students that are interested in working on a challenging control project are welcome to contact rudolf.reiter (at)

Current Freiburg Race Car team

  • Rudolf Reiter (lead)
  • Andrea Ghezzi (project supervisor)
  • Katrin Baumgärtner (project supervisor)

Alumnis of the Freiburg Race Cars team

  • Shikha Tiwari (Master Project, HiWi 2023)
  • Ankita Pawar (Master Project, HiWi 2023)
  • Tobias Bodewig (Master thesis student, 2023)
  • Tommaso Sartor (Researcher, 2022)
  • Daniel Klöser (Researcher, 2019)
  • Robin Verschueren (initiator)
  • Dominik Finke (Master thesis student, 2016)
  • Johannes Feyrer (HiWi, 2016)
  • Louis Findling (HiWi, 2015-2016)
  • Daniel Müller (HiWi, 2014-2015)

Student Projects

comming soon...

Publications and Theses


Daniel Kloeser, Tobias Schoels, Tommaso Sartor, Andrea Zanelli, Gianluca Prison, Moritz Diehl,
NMPC for Racing Using a Singularity-Free Path-Parametric Model with Obstacle Avoidance,