Freiburg Race Cars

IMG_20151023_101212 copy.jpg
The Freiburg Race Cars on 
display at the Science Days
in Europapark

The Freiburg Race Cars serve as a testbed for algorithms in embedded optimization and real-time control. It is inspired by the ORCA project at ETH in Zürich and the LMS Racecars at Siemens PLM in Leuven. 

Small radio-controlled cars autonomously drive on a narrow track. The only sensor is an overhead camera, which captures images of the track at high speed. Several fast control algorithms have been tested, e.g. such as two-level linear MPC and NMPC.

Multiple people are involved with the setup, on the bachelor, master and PhD level. Students that are interested in working on a challenging control project are welcome to contact robin.verschueren (at)

A video that gives an idea of the performance can be seen in the video below (linear MPC) or here (NMPC).


The Freiburg Race Cars team:

  • Robin Verschueren (leader)
  • Dominik Finke (Master thesis student, 2016)
  • Johannes Feyrer (HiWi, 2016)
  • Louis Findling (HiWi, 2015-2016)
  • Daniel Müller (HiWi, 2014-2015)