Radio interview with Moritz Diehl and Thorbjörn Jörger on airborne wind energy research in Freiburg (15.12.2016)

On December 14th, 2016, the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) came to the Systems, Control and Optimization Laboratory in Freiburg to learn about the group’s research on airborne wind energy. The SWR Info radio reporter Timo Conraths spent the day at the campus, recording the control experiments on the flight carousel and interviewing the researchers. This carousel serves as a hardware set-up for research on a rotational start-up of airborne wind energy systems, as well as for the experimental validation of control technologies. In the interview, Prof. Moritz Diehl explains the idea of airborne wind energy, and elaborates on his vision and the challenges ahead, while Thorbjörn Jörger explains the challenges faced in rotational start up and landing.

The interview was broadcasted on December 15th, 2016 on SWR Info and can be listened to here (in German)