Andrea Zanelli

PhD Student


Room: 102-01-215


nonlinear optimization, model predictive control, numerical methods, software development, embedded systems, airborne wind energy

Short Biography

Andrea Zanelli holds a Bachelor's degree in Automation Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2012 and a Master's degree at ETH Zurich in Robotics, Systems and Control in 2015. He is currently pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Moritz Diehl since November 2015. He is working on the design and implementation of efficient and reliable numerical methods for nonlinear optimization. In particular, he will be focusing on topics that range from algorithms for numerical optimization on embedded devices with limited resources to applications in the control and design of airborne wind energy systems.

Research interests

Among other things, I am currently focusing on the development of inexact numerical methods and optimal control formulations that lead to increased computational efficiency of the algorithms used in embedded optimization and nonlinear nonlinear model predictive control. 


I have been helping organizing the following courses as a teaching assistant: