X-ray systems and on-line optimization

Silvano Balemi

Zumbach Electronic AG, Orpund/Biel, CH

Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 11:00

Room 02-012, Georges-Köhler Allee 102, Freiburg 79110, Germany



The success of industrial products relied in the past on their excellent mechanical properties. Later the focus shifted to electronics, then to software, now followed by a further shift to mathematics. On-line optimization and estimation is in fact becoming a crucial element for companies in a competitive market, in which the hardware is slowly becoming a commodity.
In this talk, an x-ray system for the “in-line” measurement of dimensional quantities during the production of tubes or cables will be presented. A key element for the success of this system on the market is the performance of the algorithm for the estimation of the cable or tube layer thicknesses. It will be shown how on-line signal processing and optimization techniques are used to deliver estimates of the relevant quantities. In turn, these estimates can be used to control the production process in order to improve the quality of the final product.