Optimal control coupled with system identification for heat transfer systems

Léo Simpson


Tuesday, November 09, 2021, 11:00 - 11:59

Building 102 - SR 01-012

In this talk, I will present the projects for my Ph.D. which I started a month ago in a company Tool-Temp manufacturing Temperature Control Units (TCUs). These are machines that control the temperature of a fluid, in order to regulate the temperature of an industrial process. Often, these TCUs are plugged on some complex systems where the dynamics of the heat transfers are unknown from the TCU point of view. The goal for the controller is to reach a target temperature at a certain point of the industrial, via some thermometers. For this purpose, the controller should use a suited control policy and simultaneously learn the dynamics in order to optimize it better in the future. One of the particularities of the system is that it might contains transport delays, which are also unknown and are to be estimated. The problem of choosing a policy that also favorize a better exploration of the system can also be considered.
I will mostly present the modelisation of the problem and some discussion about how to design an algorithm for this class of problem. A few simulation results of my first month of Ph.D. will also be shown in order to illustrate this discussion.

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