Internal Workshop on Systems, Control and Optimization

Autumn 2019

Monday, October 07, 2019, 9:30 - Wednesday, October 09, 2019, 18:00

University Library, "Schulungsraum 2"

Start Monday Tuesday Wednesday

J.J. Zhu

Uncertainty propagation in stochastic systems: from Monte Carlo to orthogonal collocation

Daniel Geweth

acados @testbench

Jonas Schlagenhauf

Cascading NMPC for Quadrotor Position Control


Andrea Zanelli

Asymptotic stability of real-time methods for NMPC

Arne Gross

Characterization of uncertainty in smart grid systems.

Tobias Schoels

Safe Time-Optimal Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments


Matilde Gargiani

Transferring optimality across data distributions via homotopy mehtods in deep learning.

Benjamin Stickan

Xilinx SoC-based real-time control system for power electronics

Jochem De Schutter

Towards a modular upscaling strategy for airborne wind energy


Per Rutquist

Writing a solver for ANN-scale optimization problems

Rebekka Denninger

Control of a solar inverter – Compensation
of periodic distortion using MPC and MHE

Rachel Leuthold

what patterns in induction-factor do OCPs predict for 3-kite multi-kite systems at above-design wind-speeds, based on differing induction models

Lunch MENSA <3 MENSA <3 MENSA <3

Florian Messerer

Local Convergence of SCP and SCQP


Simulation & Control of contact problems

Michael Floßmann

MPC for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor on embedded


Moritz Diehl

remarks on the previous talk

Rudolf Reiter


Thorbjörn Jörger

Kiteswarms update


Adrian Bürger

Experimental results of mixed-integer nonlinear MPC for a solar thermal system

Jonathan Frey

Recent developments of acados - the MEX interface

Paul Daum

Parameter identification process of the carousel's whitebox model and the control strategy


Gianluca Frison

Latest developments in HPIPM & BLASFEO

Social Activity

Jonas Koenemann

OpenOCL: High level optimal control interface


Conrad Marquardt

INIS for NMPC of Cyclic Processes


Ricard Bordalba

A Randomized Kinodynamic Planner for Closed-chain Robotic Systems


Moritz Diehl


Daniel Klöser

Preliminary results of the small scale race car setup


Patrick Caspari

ILC for Combustion Shape Rating

19:00 DINNER (primo market)