Internal Workshop on Control, Optimization and Renewable Energy Systems

Monday, June 10, 2024, 10:00 - Thursday, June 13, 2024, 17:30

Liefmannhaus, Goethestrasse 35, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Location for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: the Liefmann-Haus (google maps)

Location for Wednesday: Start at Kinohörsaal, from 10:00 on: livMatS Biomimetic Shell @ Technical Faculty (google maps).


Preliminary schedule. If you wish to change the title of your talk please contact Armin or Jochem. 


TimeMonday, 10.6.Tuesday, 11.6.Wednesday, 12.6Thursday, 13.6.
8:30-8:45Arrival & CoffeeArrival & CoffeeArrival & CoffeeArrival & Coffee
8:45-9:00Welcome & Introduction
9:00-9:30Multi-phase model predictive control in acados
 (Jonathan Frey)

Welcome of the delegation of the Chungcheongbuk-do Office of Education from the Republic of Korea @ KINOHÖRSAAL


Modeling and Optimization of Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (Wonsun Song)

Robust Optimization
 (Moritz Diehl) 
9:30-10:00A globalization for acados (David Kiessling)Coworking
Walk to livMatS 
Biomimetic Shell
10:00-10:30Oscillation Compensation in On-The-Fly Laser Processing via Optical Tracking Sensors 
(Georg Hoppe)
 Introduction to the livMatS Biomimetic Shell 
(Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe) 
10:30-11:00Coffee breakAdvancing Sequential MIQP Algorithms: An Almost Comprehensive Review and Future Directions 
(Andrea Ghezzi)
Economic value of dual-wing AWE systems 
(Jochem De Schutter)
Coffee break
11:00-11:30Energy-Optimal Operation of a Vessel Employing Numerical Optimal Control (Hannes Homburger)A globally convergent method for computing B-stationary points of MPECs 
(Armin Nurkanovic)
Coffee break Zero-Order ILC for Time-Optimal Point-to-Point Motion (Katrin Baumgärtner)
11:30-12:00Modeling Battery Aging for Optimal Control 
(Ricarda Hogl) 
High Accuracy Numerical Optimal Control for Rigid Bodies with Patch
Contacts through Equivalent Contact Points (Christian Dietz)
Highly Oscillatory Optimal Control Problems with a Variable Number of Cycles (Jakob Harzer)Stochastic scheduling - three small examples 
(Martin Segeroth)
12:00-12:30How to (efficiently) estimate parameters of a (linear) system using noisy measurement data?
 (Léo Simpson)
MadNLP for CasADi
 (Tommaso Sartor)
Solving AWE OCPs with induction modelling
(Rachel Leuthold)
Extended log-barrier method for constrained reinforcement learning for heat pump temperature control 
(Lilli Frison)
12:30-13:00Lunch break (Beb & Bene)Lunch break (Grüner Baum)Lunch break (IPM / Mensa)Lunch break (LOLLO)
14:00-14:30Fourth-order suboptimality of nominal model predictive control in the presence of uncertainty 
(Florian Messerer)
Projected Dynamical Systems: Accurate Discretization and Progress Towards a Manipulation Planning Framework (Anton Pozharskiy)  
14:30-15:00Equivariant Deep Learning of Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Solutions for Vehicle Decision Making and Motion Planning (Rudolf Reiter)Optimization at MOSEK (Gianluca Frison)  
15:00-15:30Layer-Wise Training is all you need? (Per Rutquist)An efficient OCP solver for edge banding in furniture production (Ruven Weiss)Social activity (Garden party)Coworking
15:30-16:00Coffee breakCoffee break  
16:00-16:30Distributed MPC for an Electric Distribution Grid (Arne Groß)Distributed Model Predictive Control for Hydraulic Cylinders with Independent Metering Control 
(Leonardo Cecchin) 
16:30-17:00Advancing Distributed Optimization in Large-Scale Power Systems
 (Xinliang Dai, KIT)
Real-Time-Feasible Collision-Free Motion Planning For Ellipsoidal Objects 
(Yunfan Gao)