Internal Workshop on Control, Estimation, Learning and Optimization

Monday, July 05, 2021, 9:00 - Thursday, July 08, 2021, 17:00

Liefmannhaus, Goethestrasse 35

The syscop group retreat will take place from July 5-8,  and we plan to have talks and
discussions at Liefmannhaus located at Goethestraße 33/35, Freiburg.

9:00:00 AM        
9:30:00 AM Moritz Diehl Welcome Coffee   Coffee
10:00:00 AM Jochem De Schutter   Coffee  
10:30:00 AM Advances in multi-drone AWE power optimization Jonas Hall   Katrin Baumgärtner
11:00:00 AM Coffee LCQPow -- A Solver for Linear Complementarity Quadratic Programs Jakob Harzer Zero-Order MHE with implicit arrival cost updates
11:30:00 AM Georg Hoppe Adrian Bürger Efficient Simulation Methods for Highly Oscillatory Optimal Control Problems Jonathan Frey
12:00:00 PM Inline wafer position tracking for "on-the-fly" laser material processing of silicon solar cells Decomposition Algorithms for Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Florian Messerer Benchmarking MPC controllers with acados - funny results & open discussion
12:30:00 PM Lunch Lunch Efficient algorithms for ellipsoidal-tube robust optimal control Lunch
1:00:00 PM     Lunch  
1:30:00 PM Leonardo Cecchin Armin Nurkanovic   Daniel Geweth
2:00:00 PM Adaptive multilayer MPC for electrical drives The variable interval method for optimal control of ODEs with a discontinuous right hand side Social Activity economic mpc on embedded hardware
2:30:00 PM Leo Simpson Benjamin Stickan (Hike/Walk to St. Valentin) Per Rutquist
3:00:00 PM Numerical Methods for optimal walking A real-time nmpc control platform for power electronics applications    
3:30:00 PM Coffee Coffee   Coffee
4:00:00 PM Arne Gross Rudolf Reiter   Moritz Diehl
4:30:00 PM Stochastic MPC in Smart Grids Mixed-integer optimization for optimization-based motion planning of race cars    
In-Person Participants Moritz Moritz Moritz Moritz
  Jochem Jonas Jakob Katrin
  Katrin Adrian Florian Jonathan
  Arne Armin Jochem Georg
  Leo Cecchin Benjamin Jonathan Armin
  Leo Simpson Leo Simpson Arne Daniel
  Georg Leo Cecchin Jonas Jochem
  Per Florian Daniel Jonas
  Armin Katrin Georg Florian
  Jakob Jonathan Katrin Per

Remote participation is possible via Zoom

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