Internal Workshop on Control, Estimation, Learning and Optimization

Tuesday, August 04, 2020, 9:00 - Friday, August 07, 2020, 16:00




  • Tuesday / Wednesday: Caritas-Tagungszentrum, Room 400 - mapsLink
    • 4 flip charts available
    • Coffee / drinks / cups provided
  • Thursday / Friday: Georges-Koehler-Allee 078, SR 00-014 (Faculty of engineering) - mapsLink
    • Black board available (mobile)
    • We also might be somewhere outdoor on the campus, but the seminar room will be the central infrastructure
    • Bring your own cup (if you're able to)

Remote attendance


  • Not provided / centrally organized
    • Bring your own lunch or obtain from nearby businesses
    • We'll meet in a park or on campus or similar for eating
    • Exception: Thursday (cf info on social activity)

Social activity

  • Tuesday afternoon: Disc golf in Dietenbachpark -
    • Meeting point: Start of the disc golf course, mapsLink
    • Principle of golf, but instead of golf club+ball, you try to hit a target with a Frisbee
    • We will provide Frisbees
    • You may alternatively bring your own favourite throwing object (it should not be too hard as not to endanger others, or damage the goals)
    • There's a small lake nearby in which you could go for a swim afterwards
  • Thursday afternoon: Hiking
    • Meeting point: 13:30 at Greiffenegg beer garden (above Schwabentor)
    • You can use the break after the talks for transport and a quick snack
    • We will hike to St. Ottilien and have a late lunch (dunch? linner?) there (approx. 3pm)
    • Afterwards hiking back to the Schwabentor (until approx. 5 to 6pm)


  • Find hand outs of non-beamer based talks and slides in this cloud folder.
  • If you do a non-beamer based talk, you can accompany it with a handout that has e.g. plots and complex formulas
    • Orientation: 2 pages DIN A4 (i.e., one sheet of paper with two sides)
    • If you upload your handout until Monday 2pm, the organizers will take care of printing it.
  • Please upload your handouts or slides to this folder before your talk
    • For uploading please use this link.
    • Naming convention example: aug06_FlorianMesserer.pdf
    • If there's a problem with making the content publicly accessible, please contact Florian Messerer.
    • The folder is upload only. If you need to delete something, please contact the above email address.


  • Please wear masks when entering buildings and walking to your site, and whenever it is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5m
  • Please try to keep a distance of 1.5m to each other at all times
  • Please keep your seat for the full day (or retreat)
  • If you experience any corona related symptoms (e.g. loss of taste or smell, fever, coughing, sore throat) we have to ask you to not attend in person. You can attend remotely instead. The same holds if you had contact to an infected person during the last 14 days.


  Tuesday Aug 4 Wednesday Aug 5 Thursday Aug 6 Friday Aug 7
08:40 Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
09:00 Moritz Diehl: Welcome Jia-Jie Zhu Mikhail Katliar Tobias Schoels
09:20 Per Rutquist Discussion Discussion Discussion
09:40 Discussion Break Break Break
10:00 Adrian Bürger Mario Zanon Gianluca Frison Katrin Baumgaertner
10:20 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
10:40 Break Break Break Break
11:00 Arne Gross Lili Frison Florian Messerer Ephraim Eckl
11:20 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
11:40 Break Break Break Break
12:00 Rebekka Denninger Rudolf Reiter Jonas Hall Rachel Leuthold
12:20 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Lunch break

Social activity


Lunch Break
Social activity

Disk golf

Andrea Zanelli
Moritz Diehl
14:20 Discussion
14:40 Break
15:00 Jonathan Frey
15:20 Discussion
15:40 End
16:40 End?   End?  


Talk details

09:20 Per Rutquist The Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman inequality for nearly optimal control
10:00 Adrian Bürger Nonlinear mixed-integer model predictive control of renewable energy systems
11:00 Arne Gross MPC for electric vehicle charging + field demonstration
12:00 Rebekka Denninger MHE for Power Electronic Applications
09:00 Jia-Jie Zhu Distributionally robust optimization and control
10:00 Mario Zanon Reinforcement Learning with Guarantees
11:00 Lili Frison MPC for collaborative heat exchange in a solar district heating network
12:00 Rudolf Reiter Robust Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning
14:00 Andrea Zanelli Inexact methods for NMPC with guarantees / prometeo
15:00 Jonathan Frey Active-Set based Inexact Interior Point QP Solver for Model Predictive Control
09:00 Mikhail Katliar Model predictive control of motion simulators (PhD defense rehearsal)
10:00 Gianluca Frison Closed-loop simulation with two-levels control architecture of DC/AC converters
11:00 Florian Messerer Survey of Sequential Convex Programming and Generalized Gauss-Newton Methods
12:00 Jonas Hall Solving Quadratic Programming Problems with LinearComplementarity Constraints
09:00 Tobias Schoels Multi-copter Trajectory Planning
10:00 Katrin Baumgaertner Zero-Order Optimization-Based ILC
11:00 Ephraim Eckl Optimization-based Iterative Learning Control applied to a Quadrotor System
12:00 Rachel Leuthold something interesting related to the awebox
14:00 Moritz Diehl Future Syscop Research Directions and Projects