Internal HIGHIWND Workshop on Systems, Control and Optimization

Group Retreat 2016 - Schauinsland

Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 11:00 - Friday, January 15, 2016, 17:30

Unihaus Schauinsland (Stohren 18 79244 Münstertal)


Date Time Speaker Title
13/01/16 11:45 Robin Verschueren A Convexification Method for Indefinite QPs arising in Optimal Control
  12:30 Andrea Zanelli An efficient inexact NMPC scheme with satability guarantees
  14:45 Rien Quirynen Inexact Newton based lifting schemes for direct optimal control
  15:30 Dimitris Kouzoupis Primal decomposition algorithms for distributed optimization
  16:45 Rachel Leuthold Half-Wing Modelling For Parameter Estimation: Preliminary Ideas
  17:30 Jonas Schlagenhauf Optimal Control of Half-Wing Setup
14/01/16 09:00 Sebastien Gros Optimal Investment Strategies for Micro-Grid... How to solve that problem ?!?
  09:45 Tomas Minkow Optimization of Power Consumption in Supermarkets
  11:00 Benjamin Stickan MPC of an inverter system
  11:45 Thorbjörn Jörger HIGHWIND system conceptr
  12:30 Moritz Diehl, Jörg Fischer Future Projects and Lectures
  14:45 Fabian Girrbach Optimization based Sensor Fusion
  15:30 Mikhail Katliar Model Predictive Control of a Cable Robot
  16:45 Moritz Diehl, Jochem De Schutter Dynamic model of AWE propeller device
  17:15 Jesus Lago, Michael Erhard NMPC on Skysails kite
15/01/16 14:00 Gianluca Frison High-performance linear algebra for embedded optimization
  14:45 Adrian Bürger CASIOPEIA: How to perform optimum experimental design (DOE) with CasADi

Find the schedule for the 3-day group event here .