Final Presentations of the Embedded Control Project

University of Freiburg

Monday, May 15, 2017, 16:00 - 18:00

Hörsaal II, Albertstr. 23b, 79104 Freiburg

In this event, the participants of the Embedded Control Project (ECP) will present their projects. The aim of the ECP was to let its participants experience the full cycle of model based control system design for a self-chosen experimental setup, in groups of 3 people each. In the final presentations on May 15, the groups will demonstrate their setups in real-life experiments and talk about the physical models, their strategies to design and implement the controllers and the evaluation of the control performance they achieved. Each group will have a time slot of 10-15 minutes for their presentation, followed by 5 minutes for discussion.

The following setups will be presented:

  • Self-stabilizing table (by Yuxiao Zheng, Tinwang Wong, Mohsin Shaheer Ali)
  • Automated flute (by Armin Jamali, Saniea Akhtar, Connor May)
  • Flywheel inverted pendulum (by Lorenz Miething, Tobias Schöls, Marlene Fiedler)
  • Self-balancing car (by Mara Vaihinger, Julian Reimer, Yanning Häring)
  • Furuta pendulum (by Lukas Klein, Ali Sadr, Muhammad Harris Khan)

The ECP was financed by the quality assurance funds of the university of Freiburg that are administrated by the students in the context of the “Projektwettbewerb: Innovatives Studium 2016” (see for futher details on the funding).