acados is a software package for the efficient solution of optimal control and estimation problems. It is the successor of the ACADO software package developed at KU Leuven and University of Freiburg by the team of Prof. Moritz Diehl. It provides a collection of computationally efficient building blocks tailored to optimal control and estimation problems. Among others, it implements: modules for the integration of ordinary differential equations and differential-algebraic equations, interfaces to state-of-the-art QP solvers like qpOASES, HPIPM, qpDUNES and OSQP, condensing routines and nonlinear programming solvers based on the real-time iteration framework. The back-end of acados uses the high-performance linear algebra package BLASFEO, in order to boost computational efficiency for small to medium scale matrices typical of embedded optimization applications.

For an installation guide, examples or benchmarks, please visit the acados github repository.